Made by Carlos Correia & Diogo Dias.

Created during the third semester project of Games and Apps Development course at IADE.

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By definition – “Murder Ball is a sport where the challenger is put against different teams with the sole objective of beating him (to death), while this challenger needs to score a goal”.

Singleplayer can be played on the browser with either keyboard and mouse or a controller.

Multiplayer can only be played if you have the downloadable build, with a keyboard and mouse and a controller, or two controllers.

Each team is composed of various enemies and one goalkeeper (boss).

You are playing in their stadium, therefore the field is made to their advantage.

In order to win the challenger must be able to score a goal against the boss, which means destroying him first by various means.

Controls for the Keyboard and Mouse:

Left Mosue Button to Shoot/Pull the ball.

Right Mouse Button to Dash.

P to pause the game and open menu.

Controls for the Controllers:
L1 or Left Bumper to Dash.

R1 or Right Bumper to Shoot/Pull the ball.

Left Joystick to move.

Right Joystick to aim the ball when shooting (R1 or right bumper is pressed).

Square to pause the game.


Programing: Carlos Correia and Diogo Dias

Sprite Work: Carlos Correia.

Music by: Carlos Correia and Gil "Papas de Aveia".

Sound effects from

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Carlos Correia -

Diogo Dias - 


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Nice idea! Good luck developing it

Thank you so much we will still update it more times, it will get better and better we hope :).

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